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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  May 25, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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she's talking about your families. she's talking about those who we've lost. that's the difference, and the legacy that you can be proud of. even as our combat mission ends later this year, i want everybody to know in this country and across the region, everybody knows the people of afghanistan will endure. with our strategic partnership we'll stand with the afghans as they build their economy, as they improve their lives, men, women, boys, and girls, and i have made it clear that we're prepared to continue cooperating with our afghan partners on two security missions training and equipmenting afghan forces and counterterrorism targets against al qaeda. afghanistan has sworn in its new president. i'm hopeful we'll sign a bilateral security agreement that lets us move forward.
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wrp that bilateral security agreement, assuming it is signed, we can plan for a limited military presence in afghanistan beyond 2014 because after all the sacrifices we made, we want to preserve the gains that you -- and we're going to make sure that afghanistan could never again ever be used again to launch an attack against our country. our combat mission here will come to an end, but our obligations to you and your families have only just begun. the al qaeda leadership may be on the ropes, but in other parts of the world al qaeda affiliates are evolving and pose a serious threat, we're going to have to stay strong and stay vigilant. the best trained, best equipped military in human history. as commander in chief, i'm going to keep it that way. we're going to stay strong by taking care of your families
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back home. first lady michelle and vice president swroe bideern's wife jill has made this their mission because your family served too. they're heroes on the homefront. we're going to keep joining forces to make sure more americans are stepping up to support and honor. we're going to stay strong by taking care of our wounded warriors and our veterans because helping our wounded warriors and veterans heal isn't just a promise. it's a sacred obligation. as you come home, some of you will return to civilian life, and we want to make sure you can enjoy the american dream that you helped to defend. with the transition assistance to help you begin the next chapter of your life, that's going to keep america strong. the credentials and licenses to help you find a job worthy of your incredible skills, that will keep america strong. making sure the post-9/11 g.i. bill is in place and delivering for you the kind of education
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that you have earned. that will keep america strong. and i keep on saying to every company back home if you want somebody who knows how to get the job done, hire a vet. hire a vet. [ applause ] hire a vet. because like generations before you, we need you to help us write the next great chapter in the american story, and i know you'll do that because i've seen the character of your service, and i know the strength of our country. going back to new york and thinking about that tragedy 12 years ago and those awful moments after the twin towers fell, as the wreckage was still burning, those are the scenes we're desperately looking for survivors. one of those searching was a
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detective at the nypd, and as he climbed through the debris, he spotted something in the rubble. there was a flag. it was torn up. parts of it were burned, but it was still intact. today that flag is at the 9/11 museum. it's dusty and torn. you can see the burn marks from the fires. that flag has been through a lot. the thing you notice is its broad stripes and bright stars are still shining. its red, white, and blue still inspire. after all it's been through, after all america has been through, our flag is still there. our flag is still there because when our nation was attacked, a generation, this generation, the 9/11 generation stepped up and said send me. our flag is still there because you served with honor in dusty
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villages and city streets and in rugged bases and remote outposts and helman and kandahar, patika and nurasan. our flag is still there because through this long war, you never waivered in your belief that people deserve to live free from fear. over here and back home. our flag will always be there. the freedom and liberty, it represents to the world will always be defended by patriots like you. i'm here to say thank you. i'm here to say i'm proud of you. the american people are proud of you. god bless you. god bless the united states. god bless our united states of america.
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>> you have been listening live to president obama's remarks to the troops at baghram airfield. let's go to wendy goehler. hello, wemgdz. >> president aides sneaked him out of the white house shortly before midnight last night for his fourth trip to afghanistan since taking office. the first one since 2012, the year after osama bin laden was killed. his aides say the scandal over veterans administration facilities apparently are hiding the amount of time that vets were waiting for medical care had nothing to do with the timing of this trip, but it did get the president a positive back drop as commander in chief instead of the negative one he has been getting in the press for weeks now. mr. obama trying to keep eric shinseki on the job as veterans administration secretary despite calls from a number of republicans and even some democrats for him to step down.
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he is awaiting reports from shinseki and from his deputy chief of staff, rob neighbors, on just how pervasive the problem of v.a. facilities hiding the amount of time vets were waiting for medical care is. now, 26 different facilities being investigated for problems of that sort or another. shinseki announced this weekend that some veterans will receive care at private facilities. v.a. actually already spends about $4.8 billion a year on private medical care for veterans, and he also announced that the facilities are enhancing their capacity to deal with the number of vets, a number that has increased by some two million since the wars in iraq and afghanistan. they're currently 33,000 troops that are still in afghanistan. outgoing afghan president hamid karzai has backed out of an agreement to keep a limit number of troops to train afghan
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service men and to act as counterterrorism troops. the president will not meet with karzai on this trip. he praised last month's election, which didn't result in a clear winner, but there will be a runoff election on june 14th, the front runner there, abdullah, abdullah has promised to keep the deal to keep a limited number of u.s. forces in afghanistan after the end of the year. the president said that will help preserve the gains that u.s. service men and women have sacrificed for and promised to remember them today, tomorrow, memorial day, and forever. shannon. >> wendell, with reference to that, very important agreement that the president has been trying to hammer out unsuccessfully with hamid karzai, the current president, what we're hearing is that the president has said we will probably be announcing some decisions fairly shortly. is it your assessment that, you know, we discussed whether it could make a difference or not, to move those things forward. if he is there, if he is meeting
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with those possible successors, that that may be another very important prong of this trip, in addition to, as they say, the whousz has said the priority is to thank the troops. >> well, i'm not aware that the president is actually meeting with abdullah abdullah on this trip. i suppose he could, but officials say one of the reasons he is not meeting with hamid karzai is that he wants to stay out of the afghan political situation, but abdullah has promised to implement the agreement. he is a front runner by a fairly wide margin, and i think what the folks here are waiting for is the june 14th runoff election after which i'm sure they would be happy to announce. abdullah has agreed to sign the deal. shannon. >> thank you for sticking around for extended coverage today. let's bring in fox news military analyst general tom macanearny. >> he didn't directly address the v.a. scandal. he did repeatedly say we have a
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sacred obligation to our wounded war wrorz and to our veterans and we're going to make sure that they're taken care of back home. that sounded like a reference to what the white house certainly cannot ignore. >> absolutely. there's no question about it. this has been a scandal, if you will, that is really, as you mentioned earlier, that it is bipartisan and a concern that we get it fixed correctly. so i think he is trying to lay that over, and it was a very part yokt speech, i thought. it was a moving speech. he laid out the strategy. it's the first time in two years since he has been there, and it also gave us a feeling he intends to keep, which is 2014 withdrawal programs of all combat troops and leave a residual force that will train and help organize the afghan forces, and he had a point in there that i thought was interesting, shannon, that they'll be counterterrorism against al qaeda. now, i would have liked him to have said al qaeda and taliban both radical islamic forces
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because that's who was really embedded in there and causing the instability and supported, unfortunately, by our pakistani isi forces, the intelligence forces there. getting back on point on he is, i think, trying to cover the v.a. issue and trying to put some shine on it. his guests still got a major problem. wendell did point out that there's 4.8 billion, i think, spend on vouchers that go to commercial doctors, which is important, and then you ask yourself why didn't they spend more. why don't they solve this problem and spread to 26 plus hospitals there? >> that we know of. >> that we know of so far. i think we all know it's probably going to be more than that. that's the issue that the president has got to come to grips with, and i think by leaving general shinseki there, as noble as person as he is, is sending the wrong signal. we know that these facts, they are facts, whether they have been verified twice or three or
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four times, the fact ais you've got to take action quickly. >> the president today also spent a lot of team praising the troops, and he said i'm here on whaf of 300 million plus americans who also want to say thank you. he talked about the investment and the lives lost there and ho making sure that those lives were not lost in vein, and that got a huge cheer from these troops who were there living in every single day and losing people close to them and people that they love, their brothers and sisters in arms there. >> i venture of those 35,000 people there, shannon, at least 50% of them had been there before, have at least two tours, and there's probably a percentage, 20%, that have had three or more tours. so they don't want to do it in vein. they want to see results. just by cutting and running, you won't see the results that we want now. we're not going to talk about now, today, the strategic that we've had of counter insurgency, of winning hearts and minds and doing things there that is
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certainly a valid concern. the president is committed by pulling the combat troops out by 2014. that's critical. he also gave, i believe, a good morale boost to the troops over there and forces that still will be going over before the end of 2014. very important to do. >> he talked about the fact that he was in awe of them and making sure that they're taken care of, and our wounded warriors, talked a lot about about their families too and how proud he is of them. a lot in that speech. thank you for sticking around so we can cover this live. the president, again, making a surprise visit to afghanistan at baghram air base there, speaking with over 30,000 troops there. many of them getting ready to transition out of that country. this their final time there. their president has vowed to them and has assured them that their sacrifices and those that are fallen there as well will not be in vein. thank you for sticking around
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president obama reaffirming. it is team now for our sunday group syndicated columnist george wells, author of a new book "a nice little place on the north side" about wrigley field at 100. usa today columnist kooersen powers. kimberly straussel of the "wall street journal" and charles lane from the washington post. well, congressional republicans are building a narrative from the v.a. scandal that this is
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all part of the incompetent of president obama and his big government solutions and it's a preview of where he would take the country with obama care. given the fact that the v.a. has been a troubled department for decades is not fair. >> he says he learns about things like this from the newspapers. the fact is big government is too big for meaningful oversight and effective management from the oval office to the white house. it just is. he will not draw the appropriate conclusions from that. but why are we surprised that the government that runs the post office badly and runs amtrak badly can't run a health care system? delivering a postcard from a to b or a passenger from point a to point b is a lot simpler than delivering health care. we shouldn't be surprised by this. >> the argument is that when the
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government gets involved with health care, that there's no incentive because doctors are all on salaries. there's no incentive to see more patients. therefore, you get the backlogs and do you fiend that argument the v.a. now -- >> no. obama care and the v.a. are not the same thing. v.a. is really government-run health care where you have the government controlling everything. that's not what obama care is. obama care is more like insurance. you know, you don't have the doctors working for obama care. i don't think it's the same thing. i also think the private sector has a lot of problems. you know, amtrak -- there's a problem with amtrak. this idea that somehow putting this into the private sector doesn't work. you know, this is not a surprising argument coming from republicans. it's always the argument take anything that's happening in the world, and this is the argument
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that they funnel it through. it's always proof that big government is a problem. it's not surprising that is the answer here. >> the argument would be that you get these long wait times because there isn't a profit incentive. you also get -- that could happen you should obama care. >> well, i mean, this is about mismanagement. it's also -- you cannot manage a failed system. to quote the liberal economist paul krugman, he called this socialized -- the try were of socialized medicine. v.a. it's not such a triumph. if you don't have a private system or have individuals making choices about their care, pushing care up or pushing prices downward, you have an endless demand on services and no matter how much you throw at it, no matter how many good official uz put at the top, you will never effectively end your system. that's why we have to start over. obama care is where we are headed in this because that's the entire premise of it.
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more free care. more of government providing and mandating things that you as a consumer supposedly deserve. at a certain point the system is not going to be able to handle that burden anymore. >> i'll ask you another question. house democratic leader nancy pelosi had her particular take on what has caused the v.a. scandal this week. take a look at this. >> maybe when -- we should be thinking about its consequences and its ramifications. you would think that would be a given, but maybe it wasn't. >> the president also touched on that this week. these are the fruits of a decade of war. >> well, you know, there are not many things that nancy pelosi would not blame on george bush. the numbers here, again, are in fact, wrong. it is true that the iraq and afghanistan war, which most people think of as the v.a. crisis, they do tend to think that of the most recent work we've hilary clinton those have been expensive wars in particular in terms of the
11:22 am
medical we've had, the key brain injuries. if you look in the -- the gao has explained this. the vast burden on the v.a. is actually coming from vietnam and koreans that -- it's not just because they have war-related injuries. but because they are now -- they have all of the health issues related to everyone else their age, and those are the primary cause of a lot of v.a.'s problems. >> you know, this scandal is politically potent precisely because it is in a sense so nonpolitical. we all, republicans, democrats, liberals, conservatives, we all care about our veterans. here's what house speaker boehner had to say. >> these are men and women who served our country and we can't just let them down. we've let them die. this is awful stuff. somebody ought to be held accountable for it. >> chuck, can republicans
11:23 am
convince voters to hold democratic candidates running for election or re-election in midterms to hold them accountable for the v.a. scandal? >> that's certainly what they're trying to do. it would enhance the authority of the v.a. to fire people without the usual protections that they had before. veterans as a group, it's true, everyone is loves and respects veterans, as they should, but veterans as a group are kind of politically interesting. their overall kind of conservative people because they have a military background and so forth, and most of them are older men, but they depend on big government. they're in an interesting space in our political system. it's awkward for republicans to be in the position of satisfying we'll make big government work better because usually their
11:24 am
position is privatize and make smaller government work. that's the swram the republicans are in. president obama has been pushing very hard. his wife has been working with merl families and so forth trying to sort of turn veterans into a democratic group based on the younger, more diverse military that we have, and this has been a huge setback to that effort. >> they can solve that republican problem in the following way. amtrak has trouble. the difference is airlines. a lot of them could tell you, they go out of business. amtrak is run by a government that prints money and, therefore, can never let amtrak go out of business no matter how many billions it loses year after year. what the republicans should say is this. this weekend americans are driving hiter and yond on the highway system. when the government decided to build that, the country needed it, it didn't go into the highway building business. it didn't start a federal highway construction company. it dealt with the private
11:25 am
sector. it got done. they can do the same thing with this. there's no reason in the world why, if i can use this word -- democrats gives people vouchers to be redeemed in our private hospitals. >> all right. you we need to take a break. we'll see you all later. what do you think about the latest developments in the v.a. scandal? join the conversation on facebook with other fns viewers. up next, a fiercely divided ukraine, both with a new leader, amid a surge in violence. we'll have a live report and talk with senator kelly ayotte who is in ukraine as part of a group monitoring the election. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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let's go live to correspondent dominik in santa barbara with the latest. >> cress, yes, this is a memorial weekend marred by the work of a mad man. that's how people here in this student enclave of vila vista will remember the acts of murder and savagery. several thousand people turned out for a silent procession. that is in stark contrast, frankly, from the anger of the
11:29 am
father of one of the christians, this was christian, the 20-year-old student gunned down at the deli. >> when will enough people say stop this madness? we don't have to live like this. too many have died. we should say to ourselves not one more. >> surveillance footage reveals customers diving for cover as the gunman opened fire inside the store. the investigation succeeded on several fronts today. the ten separate locations many this atrocity. also, the sheriff here saying rogers main target was the alpha phi sorority house. he shot three people at his apartment plex, possibly his roommate. then there are youtube videos where he pledges his day of retribution, how he described it
11:30 am
because "no beautiful girl wants to be my girlfriend." he continued, i will take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you. there's also the blood killing manifesto filled with vicious hatred towards women and his plans to kill as many as possible. here's what we know about elliott rogers. he was 22, the son of an assist wrant director of the hunger games. he was in therapy with a high functioning patient with aspergers syndrome. he had just three weeks agoitie welfare of roger at his family's request. police found him polite and courteous. in his manifesto, rogers says had officers stepped inside his apartment at that time, they would have discovered his deadly arsenal, and that was three semiautomatic handguns and at least 500 unspent rounds of ammunition. all of it obtained legally, chris. back to you. >> dominik, thank you.
11:31 am
a critical election in ukraine today, and voters head to the polls and pick a new president and hope to ease the standoff with russia wra. let's get the latest now from fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palcott who is live in donetsk, a stronghold of pro-russian separatists. ray. >> chris, it is a tense day in this region. pro-russian separatists are doing everything they can to derail the vote here. they're seizing ballot boxes and preventing voters from going to the polls. they're showing off their well armed muscle aaround town. for example, here in donetsk, a city of one million, there is basically nobody voting. across this region officials say only around 20% of the election districts are functioning. we stopped in on one. take a look at what we saw. >> something very rare in
11:32 am
eastern ukraine. voting in the presidential election here in the town. the turnout, we are told, is pretty normal. however, the people here, we are also told, are a bit nervous. the turnout is said to be high. they are blocking pro-democracy uprisings this year, and maybe getting a government in place that can deal with the situation here and deal with russia. vladimir putin has claimed it will respect the outcome of the vote. chris. >> greg palkot reporting from donetsk. thanks for that. let's bring in our panel to discuss the situation in the election. let's assume that what happened is what we expect, is that the election, as it appears so far,
11:33 am
several hours into it, it will go pretty well in the west, and there will be some areas in the east where it is blocked because of the pro-russian separatists. >> it leaves ukraine in the position where putin can stay, and it is his sacred obligation to defend russian minorities outside the borders of russia, and he can say that this election, the purpose of which is to legitimatize something, didn't legitimatize anything else, and, therefore, that he will have an excuse to propose or to enforce the partition of ukraine, which seems to be what he is after in the first place. we forget that the british did not hold an election. they just suspended elections. they're difficult to do this in the kind of chaos that they're experiencing. >> there is another possibility, and that is that the ukrainian
11:34 am
government is talking more and more about greater autonomy for the east and the frontrunner in this election -- and let's put his picture up in the screen -- is a fellow named -- he is known as the candy tycoon, or the chocolate king. he has had a history of dealing with both the use rainians, the pro-western ukrainians as well as with russia. k kirsten, is there a feeling that putin looks at him ending up as president and saying, look, i'm not going to have to go in, but i can deal with this guy. he won't take an aggressively pro-western position, and i'm going to have a lot of influence over eastern ukraine. i can kind of do it without having my fingerprints all over it. >> i think that's the hope is that putin would somehow back down. the problem is there hasn't really seemed to be his style thus far, and i think that that is certainly the feeling the administration has hilary
11:35 am
clintons which is why they haven't done that much other than trying to invoke sanctions. they don't feel like they have a lot of control over what putin is des moinesing to do. i think he seems to be obviously very aggressive and wanting to be an aggressor in this situation. it would be great if he felt that this was somebody he could work with. that remains to be seen. >> there has been some backing off on the part of putin. he has talked about pulling troops out, and now for the first time at least nato is saying, well, it looks like he is beginning to pull some troops out from the border, and he is also talked, mood, about that they would recognize the results of this election, so is it possible he feels that, to flip a phrase, that margaret thatcher used about mikhail gorbachev that this is a government we can do business with. >> he has been careful all along. a lot of the disruption that's been employing on in ukraine, we know, is coming from russia, but he has been very careful to do
11:36 am
it in a way that wouldn't necessarily be able to trace it back to the kremlin. so i think he understands now that the world realizes he is a bad actor in this and that's probably influencing to some degree what he is doing. >> charles. >> oh, i don't know whether he has been deterred or whatever that much. i think he is also perhaps responding to the fact that in the eastern ukraine all these disruptions, provokations, violence, that his minions, and let's face it, these are actual russian soldiers. they're not pro-russian ukrainians. they've not been able, truly, to stir up a big popular revolt for joining russia. in fact, popular response has been pretty modest, and i think he may have realized that that was the limitation on what you
11:37 am
can do. perhaps more than anything that the west was imposing on him. >> there is a sort of thin scenario for ukraine that maybe -- remember during the woeld war finland kind of accepted a certain level of russian influence and didn't join nato and sort of stayed in that gray area between east and west. lemt throw a controversial extension of all this. there's been a lot of criticism at this table of the argument that president obama and the
11:38 am
europeans have been very weak in their sanctions against russia, and the slow targeted sanctions, not sectoral sanctions. is it just possible at the end of the take that it will have been maybe a muddling through a fairly effective policy, and while putin will have taken crimea, he will have a lot of influence in eastern ukraine, and it won't be the worst case scenario where putin just kind of rushes -- rolls in to eastern ukraine and takes over a whole new -- >> it's possible that we can say that such restrained that he shows, he shows because he fears sanctions we have not yet put on. the united states is hostage to europe. it doesn't look as though we can
11:39 am
do very much on our own hook, other than make ourselves feel good by imposing sanction that is would be quite porous if they're only from us. >> i would like you to finish this up. your thoughts about whether president obama and the europeans and their targeted sanctions may end up looking better than they did a month ago. >> i think the only problem with that is it ignores all the harm that has, in fact, been done already. the people who have died in all of these uprisings that might not have happened had america had a firmer line -- america has looked very weak. largely not being pushed back. you know, other than, as you said, there's a slow rolling targeted sanction. he may have -- that's an aspect. we don't know what kind of pushback he was getting in his country.
11:40 am
what minimal retreats and precedents have been set here, which do not help this country or eastern or western europe. >> all right. we're going to have to take a break here. we should point out, we have promised you we were going to have senator kelly ayotte live as part of an international observing group. it turns out it's raining in kiev. i can't explain it, but because it's raining, our satellite isn't working. i liked it better when we just had long strings with two cups at the end of it. when we come back, ever mow the president's answer when it comes to scandals of his administration? >> i first learned about it through news reports that i think most people learned about this. >> our sunday panel discusses what that's all about. plus, what would you like to ask the panel about the president and accountability? just if to facebook or twitter at fox news sunday, and we may use your question on the air. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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>> let me take the irs situation first. i learned about it from the same news sources that the american people found out about it. >> he found out about the news reports yesterday on the road. the allegations that i think were reported first about your network out of phoenix, we learned about them through the reports. >> president obama, the most powerful man m free world, always seems to be the last to know about what is going on in his own administration. >> well, president obama taking some heat after he and top aids repeatedly claim the president learned about scandals through the media. we're back now with the panel.
11:45 am
>> how we have an administration that knows about -- we learn about this. good thing we have the muse seems as how he, the president, learns about a lot of things in his own administration. why do you think that the white house keeps playing this card? >> well, because they can't say this they did know or else the next question is going to be why didn't you do anything about it or why were you allowing this to go on? >> the study comes back, and then they're going to wait and see what the ig says or the csi investigation or whatever it is, and then what that doesn't stop
11:46 am
six months later you say it's, a, done or all the -- it's been pushed by republicans. it just goes on and on. you could take not just the lips of him repeating again and again i didn't know about this. there are -- when you listen to some of the press conferences they're erie. it's the exact same language every time. >> chuck, it does serve to distance the president from the problem at least originally. it does. particularly when you see the pattern that's happened over and over again. it does make him look awfully untouched. >> it does, although he is in a bit of a trap, you know? he can't say, oh, yes, i had detailed knowledge of all these things going on because then everybody will wonder why didn't you do anything about it? i'm going to give him a little bit of the benefit of the doubt in one sense. there's been a lot of talk he doesn't seem angry. eric shinseki doesn't seem angry. this is not -- come on. this is not about emotions. it is perfectly fair for a president or anybody else who is
11:47 am
confronted with this kind of information to say i'm checking into it. i want to find out what the real facts are and so forth. that is a perfectly legitimate response. he has to go out and find it, and he has to come out and find a way to express in forth right ways. >> we're kind of making it up as we go. we now hear the rain has stopped, and the satellite is working is kiev. senator ayotte, i hope you're there, and i'm going to get to you very quickly before the wind changes. from the reports that you have received, as we mentioned, you're part of an international observer group, how is the election going today in ukraine, and are ukrainians getting the chance to vote for a new president in a way that you think can be seen as a widely legitimate election? >> we've seen, chris, high turnout throughout ukraine. obviously donetsk, luhansk, the security situation there is keeping many people from voting in those two regions, and i just want to make clear there's one
11:48 am
person to blame for that security situation, and that's vladimir putinen because he has strategic control of what is happening there. it's paid mercenaries. it's also the violence and the intimidation and the fear for the people that live in that region. >> you mentioned there was a lot of talk. they are not going to allow this election to take place. i know you're in kiev. in the western part of the country. >> i think, unfortunately, in donetsk and don't have observers there because of the security situation. there are disruptions there, and in the rest of ukraine, particularly there in kiev, the polling stations that i have visited, high turnout, people are waiting patiently. they want their right to exercise and to vote and to elect a new president.
11:49 am
i think what you see here is actually pushback against what has happened with the russian aggression. that's what we're seeing in this part of the country. and he the other top finisher would have a runoff in mid-june. not to prejudge the election, but if he were to win and he is seen as someone who can do business with both the east and the west, where would that leave ukraine, do you believe? >> well, i actually met with poroshenko yesterday, along with our delegation.
11:50 am
where i think it leaves ukraine, he was very clear, actually, that he would not accept the annexation of crimea. he would actually increase our support many terms of their military. he would also, i think, that auz look, he will try to reach out to out to eastern ukraine to establish more communication and ties there for the people who are there, but he also wants us to continue and i think there's a general feeling here of pushing back on putin, so they can have security in that area, because obviously those violence being fomented interferes with unifying the country. >> i'm brad the rain stopped, i'm glad we got to talk to u you. >> thanks, chris, appreciate it. >> let's change subjects here at home, after a lot of back and forth, democratic leader nancy pelosi has appointed five
11:51 am
democrats to the house select committee on benghazi, here was her explanation. >> i i do think it's important for the american people, to have a pursuit of these questions done in a fair and open and balanced way possible, that simply would not be possible, leaving it to the republicans. >> is that the right move for democrats? and how much do you think this is a as a result of former secretary of state hillary clinton, her and her staff wanting some democrats there, as they used to say on "who wants to be a millionaire" do you want to use a lifeline? >> nancy pelosi made her calculation as her caucus did for her. if i were hillary clinton, and i
11:52 am
was destined to be before this committee, i would rather be daniel in the den of lions by itself. remember the last time the committee, not the last time, but one of the last times the committee had someone in their sights since they were really going to get this guy, it was later fox news contributor oliver north who stood up in his uniform and changed the dynamic of the iran contra hearing. >> it's always dangerous when the dog actually catches the car that it is facing. kirsten your feels about what the democrats decided because this was a tough call for them. >> i felt it was better for them to be there than not be there. because they don't feel like this is a real issue and it won't give the republicans free range to do whatever they want. and i think pelosi wants them there, she's chosen people to be on the committee who's already investigated this so they can say, this is old news, we have
11:53 am
already seen this, to simply tamp down that there are new regulations coming. i don't think it's to send a lifeline to hillary clinton, i don't think hillary clinton needs a lifeline, but for other people who need to come in to try to help them out. >> thank you, panel. up next our power player of the week, honoring america's fallen with 24 musical notes. you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home. now what's our strategy with the fondue? diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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11:56 am
it's a holiday tradition to make every day a memorial day. >> they're only playing 24 notes, but it's so meaningful for that family. [ taps playing ] >> he's the founder and president of an organization called bugles across america. >> all told, how many have you done since you started bugles across america. >> 200,000. >> really? >> in ten years, right. >> it started in 2000 when
11:57 am
congress gave every vet the right to a funeral with military honors. the problem was the military only had 500 buglers. so they sent someone to play a recorded task on a boom box or an electronic device inside a bugle. tom day who played for the marines in the 50s. >> so he started his organization, recruiting 400 horn players within a year. >> we have 260 horn players. >> it becomes quite a an operation that day runs from his office. >> a message is sent to every horn player within 100 miles of
11:58 am
the funeral. day gives away bugles and helps with uniforms. while they get support from foundations, he runs a deficit every year. >> how do you make up for the short fall? >> i kind of make it up myself. >> $15,000, $20,000 a year? >> probably $10,000. you finish the last of the 24 notes you put the horn down, the flag has been presented, the family comes over, the kisses, the hand shakes from his families, there is nothing, no amount of money could ever buy the feeling that i get from the family once i finish the 24 notes. >> with soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan, plus 1,800 veterans of world war ii dying every day, there is a flood of military funerals. day says he wants to keep going until he dies. then leave his organization in solid shape to carry on.
11:59 am
>> i want every family to have live taps at that going away presentation of their veteran and it kind of tells the marines who are guarding the gates in heaven, live taps, we're going to let this veteran ride in. >> since we first ran this story five years ago, tom day's organization has more than 5,400 active members. and the pentagon credits them with playing at 35% of all veterans' funerals. if you want to learn more, go to i hope you take a moment to remember all the veterans who have given their lives defending freedom.
12:00 pm
this week on the journal, editorial report. president obama breaks his silence as the va scandal grows, he's promising to fix what is wrong. but can more money and more government solve the problem? plus, what this week's primary results say about the mind set of republicans voters and the prospect this november. and four years after haiti's devastating earthquake, and the role played by bill clinton. >> today i want every veteran to know, we're going to fix whatever is wrong and as l